The Animal Store Alphabet Book

Words by Susan Bearman
Pictures by Rebecca Hamlin

Susan and I self-published this ABC book featuring animals you can find in a pet store. For the illustrations, I painted 30-inch paintings in acrylics which are hanging in the Hope Institute in Chicago.
We also made a poster and a coloring book. All are available at, /, and, we hope, lot of other places too.
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Logo and tee shirt design

Hillions String Band

How can you make old-timey music look cool and contemporary? I hope I did that. The tee shirt was hand-screened.
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The client wanted something that looked hand-made, personal and tasteful. I printed the text and some of the flower graphics and finished it off with some hand-stamped flowers, so it really was partially hand-made.
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Event Logo

I was asked to design a logo that could be used for all materials associated with a cruise-themed fundraising event. I love the dynamic, gestural feel of the anchor and the rope. I think it looks official enough for an institution but has a sense of humor.
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